We are one of the leading specialist of window, carpet and upholstery cleaners in the North West providing a comprehensive range of cleaning services to cater for both domestic and commercial applications. Working for local housing associations we can clean a single room, a full house or a high rise bin chute.

Utilising the revolutionary 'Dry-Fusion' system which offers several benefits over more traditional methods including:

• Quieter than the traditional extraction cleaner.
• Cleans, Stain Blocks, Heat Dries and Deodorises all in one process.
• Leaves carpets and upholstery completely dry.
The Dry Fusion System
Setting new standards in cleaning never before available, the Dry Fusion has its own heat drying system so it dries as it cleans, this is also complemented by built in stain protection and deodorisor leaving your carpets clean, fresh and ready to use.

Dry Fusion is positioned at the premium end of the market because it cannot be beaten on cost versus performance and customer satisfaction is guaranteed.
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