Dirty solar panels can lose up to 25% of their Energy Generation Efficiency!

Although most people think of solar panels as self-cleaning, the accumulation of dirt, dust, bird droppings, lichen and traffic haze (especially near busy roads or in built-up, industrial and agricultural areas) can drastically reduce energy generation. The result … substantial reductions in Feed in Tariff (FiT) efficiency.

Now experts recommend the regular, professional cleaning of solar panels in order to retain maximum Return on Investment (ROI) benefits.

At Scanclean UK we have been providing this valuable service to an increasing number of private homeowners and also to councils, housing associations and social housing authorities, schools and commercial organisations for several years.

Everyone who has used our solar panel cleaning service has confirmed that their panels’ output and payback performance has been significantly improved.

  • A specialist and professional solar panel cleaning service.
  • Ensures unobstructed access to UV rays and maximum solar energy generation.
  • Fully self-contained. Needs no access to on-site water or power.
  • Best results using only purified, de-ionised water, with no harmful detergents, chemicals, abrasives or pressure washers.
  • Up to 20m brush length plus portable scaffolding enables safe access up to 3 stories or more.
  • Employs purpose-made soft-bristle brushes for most effective cleaning results without any risk of scratching or damaging the panels.
  • Uses remote camera to confirm quality of cleaning and to check for potentially damaging bird’s nests under the panels.
  • We can also install effective solar panel edge mesh to prevent pigeons, plus other birds and pests from nesting beneath the panels and to eliminate risk of damage.

By neglecting to clean solar panels you could lose up to 25% FiT benefits. One of our housing clients who has around 1700 properties fitted with solar panels, calculates they could potentially lose up to £1000 every week.


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